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Smart security street light

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Master Street Security Light with built-in M2M (3G) modem takes care of communication with Control & Monitoring Server, bi-directionally transmitting & receiving related data with maximum 20 Slave Street Security Lights at 447MHz frequency.    


Expected effect

IoT based Smart security street light is a low cost and high efficient Safe Driving Control Solution’ for driver’s safety.  



      Reducing Traffic Accident


Improving safe driving in fog and at night


-Lethality by traffic accident: Fog > Dim > Clear > Rain > Snow
-Night lethality (21.4%) > Day lethality(17.7%)


     Saving installation cost

      Saving KRW370K per installing of one smart road safe lamp


-M2M construction cost (KRW500K = Installation 50K + Material 450K)
-Own network + power supply method  construction cost + (870K = Installation 120K + Material 750K)



    Saving maintenance cost


Low maintenance cost by easy installation and change


No other control operation cost is needed by operation of 24 hours control center